The Langley Brewing Co.

The Langley Brewing Company

Handcrafted, British and American Style Beers

Welcome to the LBC. Whether you’re coming in to unwind or you need a fill on the run our friendly tasting room staff are more then happy to cater to your needs. With extensive combined knowledge on craft beer you’re sure to find someone here to answer your beer questions.

Introducing the English Mild

In the 18th century a malt liquor was classified by its age. Ones sold
young were described as Mild while ones that had been aged were called
Keeping or Stale. Almost all Ales were sold "mild", to be drunk as table
beers. The LBC English Mild Ale is just that; an easy drinking table
beer. Smooth in texture with dominant malt flavors and very little
bitterness, it pours a lighter amber color.

Over 10 Beers on Tap

With over 10 beers at any one time we strive for diversity, in creating a wide range of quality beers for your enjoyment.